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CNR Six Xs Valentine

AQHA # 4834995
Blue Roan Filly
March 20, 2006

22.66% Blue Valentine

Blue Valentine and Sugar Bars bred filly
Blue Valentine and Sugar Bars bred fillyBlue Valentine and Sugar Bars bred filly 2 hours old
Mr Clyde Hancock
1995 Blue Roan
Dividend Coup
1988 Blue Roan
Plenty Try
1982 Blue Roan
1973 Red Roan
Heather Dividend
1974 Brown
Chucker Maid
1983 Grullo
1973 Red Roan
Chucker Maid 45
1969 Dun
Maybelle Blue
1975 Red Roan
Blue Valentine
1956 Blue Roan
Red Man
1935 Roan
Beauty's Dream
1938 Black
Maybelle Moore
1953 Chestnut
Chico Moore
1948 Sorrel
Mabel Strickland
1946 Chestnut
Bee Hancocks Sugar
1999 Gray
Limited Hancock
1990 Blue Roan
Hancocks Blue Boy
1986 Blue Roan
Mr Roan Hancock
1980 Blue Roan
Bluebird Hancock
1982 Blue Roan
Poco Aledo Leo
1975 Buckskin
Select Bar Leo
1970 Brown
Poco Buck Reed
1962 Buckskin
Sugars Blue Blondy
1994 Gray
1981 Gray
Blondy's Dude
1957 Sorrel
Tee Jay June Bee
1975 Gray
Sweet Blue Dancer
1988 Gray
Dancing Bill
1974 Gray
Sons Sugar
1974 Bay

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