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Jack Bee Strait


AQHA # 3355458
Gray Gelding
April 6, 1995

Von and Gus at the Santa Rosa Stud team sorting>
Von and Gus, Rick and Chub at the Santa Rosa Stud team sorting.Von and Gus, Rick and Chub at the Santa Rosa Stud team sorting.
Smooth Silver Lad
1992 Gray
Strait Silver
1986 Gray
Quicksil Command
1967 Gray
Blue Command
1958 Bay
Quicksilver Lady
1961 Gray
Bueno Chex Bonita
1974 Bay
Bueno Chex
1961 Dun
Flying Dell
1968 Bay
Smooth May
Smooth Herman
1973 Bay
Jet Smooth
1965 Chestnut
Carol's Ethel
1948 Black
Mabeline Doodle
1971 Bay
Mr Spanish Lee
1966 Sorrel
Black Mabeline
1956 Black
Burgess Y Girl
1991 Gray
Tee Jay Wise Guy
1976 Gray
Jackie Bee
1962 Gray
Jimmy Mac Bee
1958 Dun
Jackie Diane
1957 Gray
Gay Cindy Bar
1965 Sorrel
Red Sand 1
1961 Sorrel
Miss Roxie Bar
1962 Sorrel
Sally Queen Sunday
1974 Gray
Waggoner 101
1970 Gray
Waggoner's Snip
1947 Gray
Nugget's Missie
1960 Sorrel
Queen Sunday
1957 Chestnut
King Sunday
1948 Sorrel
Beaver Valley Queen

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