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AQHA #0001335
Sorrel Stallion
14.2 Hands
1940 - 1967

AQHA Hall of Fame ~ 1989
Article from AQHA Hall Of Fame

Breeder: J.W. House ~ Cameron, Texas
Owner: Bud Warren ~ Perry, Oklahoma

Leo ~ World Champion Quarter Running Horse Legend
"Leo was a speed horse and one of the all-time great sires.   He sired athletic ability as well as speed."

From Western Horseman Legends Book

In the early years of the American Quarter Horse industry, Leo was known primarily as a sizzling speed horse. Later, he gained a hefty reputation of being a leading sire. Both his sons and daughters excelled on the track and in the show ring. The many titles won by Leo's offspring proved he not only sired speed, but also athletic ability, including 24 AQHA Champions, 33 Performance Registers of Merit, 211 Race Registers of Merit, four Superior Halter Awards, two Superior Performance Awards, eight Superior Race Awards, one Supreme Champion and four Racing World Champions. These traits were passed down from generation to generation and many of Leo's sons and daughters became leading producers of quality foals. Although no one knows for sure, Leo reportedly won 20 of 22 races in his career but he will most be remembered for his outstanding offspring which have strengthened the American Quarter Horse industry.

Stallion Show Record
1989 Hall of Fame
1944 Performance Point Earner

Progeny Record:
World Champion Offspring
AQHA Champions: 24
Foal Crops: 24
Foals Registered: 554
Halter-Point Earners: 69
Halter Points Earned: 935
Performance-Point Earners: 46
Performance-Points Earned: 840.5
Performance Registers of Merit: 33
Leading Race Money Earner: Miss Olene ($31,532)
Race Money Earned: $605,882
Race Registers of Merit: 211
Race Starters: 370
Superior Halter Awards: 4
Superior Performance Awards: 2
Superior Race Awards: 8
Supreme Champions: 1
World Champions (Racing): 4

Joe Reed II
1936 Chestnut
Joe Reed
1921 Chestnut
Joe Blair TB
Della Moore
NelleneFleeting Time TB
Little Red Nell
Little Fanny
1937 Bay
Joe Reed
1921 Chestnut
Joe Blair TB
Della Moore
Fanny AshwellAshwell TB
Fannie Richardson

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